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Clearwater personal injury firm Carey & Leisure will pursue an injury or wrongful death claim resulting from a pedestrian accident, and will work hard to obtain maximum compensation possible.

Pedestrian accidents occur when a driver of a motor vehicle strikes a person who is walking or running, in, or across the roadway. In many cases involving a pedestrian accident the result is serious injuries or death. Pedestrians almost always have the “right of way”, and drivers must yield to them.

In most accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles, the police are called to the scene. The driver of the vehicle is usually given a citation for careless or reckless driving. Typically, the reasons for pedestrian accidents involve the following:

• The driver did not obey traffic lights or stop signs
• The driver did not stop at the crosswalk
• The driver did not look before making a turn
• The driver did not yield the right of way to the pedestrian
• The driver did not follow posted speed limits
• The driver was distracted by talking on their phone or texting while driving
• The driver was under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances

Like most accidents, the driver may try to avoid responsibility by placing the blame for the accident on you, the pedestrian. At Carey & Leisure we investigate your claim and collect the evidence necessary to prove the driver was indeed at fault for the accident. If you sustain an injury as a result of a pedestrian accident, we will recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. This is not always an easy task. Most insurance companies will deny the claim regardless of the evidence we provide them, and simply blame the pedestrian for having been hit by a car. In this situation, Clearwater personal injury firm Carey & Leisure will file a lawsuit and fight for your rights for recovery.

At Carey & Leisure, both Thomas Carey and Jodi Leisure are Board Certified in Civil Trial Law. At Carey & Leisure we have handled thousands of cases, and you’re not just a client, you’re family.

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