Single-Vehicle Accidents Florida

Single-Vehicle Accidents in Florida

Single-vehicle accidents put a heavy burden on the trial lawyer to discover exactly what happened. There are many scenarios when there is a single-vehicle crash. Common Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents Driver: Was it the driver (i.e. drunk driver)? This might not be the end of the story. If the driver was underage and was knowingly […]

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What Does ‘Full Coverage’ Mean in Florida?

If you own a car in Florida you are mandated to carry two types of coverage. The first is property damage and the other is PIP (Personal Injury Protection). The minimum amount required for each is $10,000. Many insurance agents will tell you that this “full coverage”. How does PIP coverage work in Florida? PIP […]

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New Bill Enacts Changes to Florida PIP Insurance

According to the Florida Senate, a new bill recently revised the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law. Generally speaking, the law addressed issues related to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) under the No-Fault Law, along with laws related to PIP insurance fraud. The bill enacted major changes regarding: PIP medical benefits PIP death benefits PIP medical fee […]