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How Do You Go About Choosing A Lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer to meet your needs is important. Think of your lawyer as your friend and confidant. Someone who will make decisions based on the best outcome for you…someone you can trust…your legal coach. So, how do you begin your search? Instead, let’s start with how not to begin your search. Don’t let […]

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Get To Know M.A.D.D.

It’s a fact – drunk driving kills innocent people and makes our roads dangerous. Most of you (including us) have been touched by a drunk driving incident at one point in our lives.  Because of the high number of incidents and personal situations, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) was formed. Their mission is to stop […]

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Have a Safe New Year…Don’t Drink and Drive!

It’s the holidays and that means there are loads of Holiday Cheer to be found everywhere you go. Plus, it goes without saying that some of that Holiday Cheer is bound to be alcoholic beverages. As well it should be! It’s been a hard year and things are beginning to look up. Bringing in a […]