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4 Teen Driver Tips to avoid Car Crashes

4 Tips to help your Teen Driver avoid Car Crashes Every day there are more new drivers on the road, which means more cars on the road and ultimately the potential for more danger on the road. We love our cars and as we get busier, it seems like we try to do more and […]

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10 Steps to take after a Motor Vehicle Accident

What to do after a Motor Vehicle Accident: 10 Steps Here are the 10 basic steps to take when you are involved in an accident. Call 911 – no matter how small the accident, so there will be a record of the accident. Assist the injured – if possible. Don’t move vehicles – unless instructed […]

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Wrongful Death Part 3

Wrongful Death – Part 3 Actions to take, damages and compensation In parts 1 and 2 we discussed just what wrongful death entails and how important it is to immediately choose a family spokesperson, a family representative and an attorney who has wrongful death experience. Steps to take The next important step is to determine […]


Wrongful Death Part 2

Making the right choices There is nothing easy about any aspect of wrongful death suits. Someone you care about and possibly depend on financially has died. Emotions run high, often accompanied with an inability to think clearly. Then, factor in family tension and it’s easy to see how conflict and turmoil enter into the scene […]


Wrongful Death Part 1

Wrongful Death – Part 1 Part 1 – What is wrongful death and who can pursue legal action We’ve all heard the phrase “wrongful death”, but how many of us actually know what it means and what’s entailed in wrongful death cases? We feel certain that the majority of people are unclear about this and […]