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The Trial Part 2 – Closing Arguments and Judgments

The Trial Part 2 – Closing Arguments and Judgments   Your trial has run its course…the jury has heard testimony from doctors, experts and other witnesses. There’s been direct examination from your lawyer, cross examination by the defense attorney and possibly even re-direct examination. All the evidence has been presented and it’s time to wrap […]

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Your Trial Part 1

You’ve worked with your lawyer and have gone through all of the litigation steps. Now you have decided to take your case to trial. Getting a trial date can take some time, so be patient. When you finally have your court date try to remain calm and continue to follow your lawyer’s instructions to the […]

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The Litigation Process – Depositions

Now we are down to the “meat” of the litigation process – the depositions. All of your paperwork and documents have been submitted and it’s time for the question and answer session. This typically takes place four to nine months after your lawsuit has been served on the defense. This session is important. You’ll be […]