Davenport man acquitted for DUI in car accident

A Davenport man previously acquitted for DUI manslaughter has been injured in a single car accident

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 8:45am PST

On behalf of Carey & Leisure posted in Davenport:

William Coe, 24, was going southbound on Old Lake Wilson Road in Davenport. He was driving his red 1998 Dodge Dakota truck when he failed to negotiate a curve near Alabama Avenue. His truck went straight instead of making the curve. The truck crashed into two road signs and a small tree and came to rest at the tree. Coe did not have any passengers at the time of the accident. He was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he is still in critical condition.

Authorities say there was a empty beer can in the truck and they detected alcohol on his breath. They also retrieved a blood sample for analysis. Police believe impairment is a factor in this accident.

Back in February 2012, Coe was found not guilty on three counts of DUI manslaughter and three counts of vehicular homicide in 2009 of a pregnant woman, and 11-month old girl and a 22-year old man. The victims were all passengers in Coe’s car. Authorities found a pip and marijuana in the car. Coe admitted to smoking pot but prosecutors could not prove he was high at the time of the accident.

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