A pedestrian was killed and another injured

A Pedestrian was killed and another seriously injured in two separate accidents.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:09pm EDT

According to Tampa police one person was hit and fatally injured near the Courtney Campbell Bridge and Rocky Point Drive. The details have not been released and the victim has not been identified yet.

In St. Pete Beach, 58 year-old Eric Hampton of North Port, was hit and seriously injured while crossing Gulf Boulevard. Hampton stopped in the median and then proceeded to dart across the road when the accident happened.

America has an automobile culture. We love our cars. We virtually live in our cars. People eat, apply makeup, send text messages and , yes even drink alcohol, all while driving down the road. These negligent driving behaviors persist regardless of weather or traffic conditions. Perhaps, then, it’s not surprising that we have tens of thousands of automobile accidents in the state of Florida each year, And , although an accident takes only seconds to occur, its effects may last a lifetime.

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