Should I Give a Recorded Statement?

After an accident, the insurance companies will try to contact you to obtain a statement, wherein they will want to know how the accident occurred and what type of injuries you sustained in the accident. Most of the time, the insurance company will contact you hours or days after the accident and you will be unprepared to speak to them. If you give a statement without consulting with a lawyer, it may hurt your claim for injuries and pain and suffering. You do not have to give a recorded statement to the adverse carrier. You do have to give your insurance company a recorded statement according to you insurance policy. The insurance companies are trained to ask “loaded questions”. You may not understand a question and give an incorrect answer or the answer you think may be correct. In trying to cooperate and be as honest as possible, you may start a long conversation and give unnecessary information that can be used against you. You may not remember important information and details that assist your claim. If you are still hurting or taking medications because of your car accident, you may not be able to speak coherently about what happened. So again, always be “safe, rather than sorry” and consult with a lawyer, it’s a free consultation and there is no obligation to hire them.