Motorcycle accidents have been on the rise for several years. Because a motorcyclist has much less protection than someone inside of a vehicle, motorcycle accidents have a much higher incidence of death and serious injury compared to any other type of accident. Motorcycles are often not seen by automobile drivers, particularly bus and truck drivers, due to their size. Dangerous road conditions also affect motorcyclists much more than automobile drivers.

If you have been seriously injured on a motorcycle, or if a motorcycle accident resulted in death of your loved one, you may have a claim to recover losses resulting from the accident. At Carey Leisure & Neal, a personal injury law firm, we will investigate the accident and determine what sources of compensation are available to help you rebuild your life.

Leading causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • The automobile driver turned into the path of an oncoming motorcycle
  • The automobile driver pulled out from a parking lot, side street or driveway in front of a motorcycle
  • The automobile driver followed too closely, causing a rear end accident
  • The automobile driver ran a red light or failed to yield at a stop sign
  • The automobile driver cut off or side swiped a motorcycle
  • The automobile driver made an improper lane change
  • The automobile driver was distracted by talking on their phone or was texting while driving
  • The automobile driver was under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances
  • The automobile driver was speeding or was driving recklessly


The attorneys at Carey Leisure & Neal are experienced and familiar with motorcycle crash injuries, as well as the special insurance and legal issues that apply to motorcycles under Florida law. We are committed to full and fair compensation for serious injury or a motorcycle fatality.

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