Dog Bites

It goes without saying that pet owners are responsible for the restraint of their animals, as well as any injury or damages that their pet causes in an attack. Animal attacks are a form or premises liability since animals are the property of their owners. As the victim of a dog attack, your resulting injuries, pain, and suffering deserve to be compensated through a personal injury claim. The first thing you should do, however, is to get immediate medical attention for your wounds since dog bites are known to cause serious – and sometimes fatal – infections and disease.

Serious Injuries & Infections Caused by Animal Attacks

Since pet owners are responsible for training their animals and keeping them restrained and controlled, it is therefore the owner’s responsibility if their animal attacks an innocent individual and causes serious injury. Dog bites are some of the most common injuries resulting from animal attacks, and all consequent expenses and suffering should be compensated by the liable dog owner. You should not hesitate to hire a Clearwater personal injury attorney if you’ve suffered from a dog bite; the consequences of such an injury can be serious.

Although many people associate rabies with dog bites, that risk has become nearly nonexistent over the years. Instead, dog bite victims should be wary of other infections. The most common infection resulting from dog bites is tetanus, which affects the nervous and causes spasm and “lockjaw.” Staph infections are also common, the symptoms of which include rashes, nausea, fever, and muscle aches. Get immediate medical attention for a dog bite before you call the Law Offices of Carey & Leisure for a free consultation. We will meet with you personally to evaluate your case and help you take legal action against a negligent dog owner.

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