The death of a 29-year old St. Petersburg man

The death of a 29-year old St. Petersburg man does not conclusively say texting is to blame.

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 4:02pm EDT

On behalf of Carey & Leisure in St. Petersburg:

Manuel Belisario Bonet, Jr., crashed into a building last November near Gandy Boulevard. Initial reports said that he had received a text message prior to the crash and this could have caused him to lose control of his vehicle.

As of last Wednesday the report said Troopers could not determine the message was a factor as they could not determine if the accident or the text occurred first.

Investigators did say Bonet was traveling at 101 mph westbound across Gandy Bridge just before the accident. His white Honda spun and hit a power pole knocking it over and then struck a building. Bonet died at the scene from fatal injuries.

In our fast growing technical times it is safer to put the cell phones down and drive. This is the only way we can be sure not to cause an accident while texting or talking on cell phones when driving.

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