Senate Bill 52: Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving

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As many as 4,850 crashes have been blamed on texting or using other wireless communications in Florida.

Senate Bill 52: Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving

Senate bill 52 would outlaw texting, emailing, and instant messaging for all drivers in Florida. Hands-free and devices for navigation purposes will be permitted. This will be a Secondary enforcement and the fee is $30 and is a non-moving violation. if this is with subsequent convictions within a five year period the fine is $60 plus 3 points against your license. You will get 6 points against your license if you cause a crash while illegal using a handheld communication device, two additional points if used in a school zone.

Florida is one of the few states without s single distracted driving law. More than 70 percent of Florida voters favor a statewide ban according to a recent survey.

Florida Highway Patrol has ordered its troopers to stop using handheld cellphones, unless a hand free device is employed. The policy announced in 2010 also requires them to pullover before using a GPS system.

The Florida Department of Transportation has begun a “Stay Alive, Just Drive” campaign that targets drivers who text message, talk on cell phones, or engage in any other distracted driving behaviors.

Hopefully, the new law will eliminate car accidents in the Sunshine State.

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