I hit a parked car what do I do

I Hit a Parked Car — What Do I Do?

Living in today’s modern society comes with always having a million things running through your mind — will you have time to finish all of your tasks at work? Will new deadlines make your head spin? What are you going to do about your son’s PTA meeting that conflicts with a big presentation? When all […]

Seat Belt Syndrome

What is Seat Belt Syndrome?

There are many things that come to mind during a car accident — what just happened? Did anyone get hurt? You may also be wondering how it’s going to affect your life, time, and pocket. Adding insult to injury, there’s always the possibility of litigation. When it comes to the latter, it’s common to think […]

Open Container Law In Florida

Open Container Law in Florida

When it comes to laws relating to alcohol, most people have a general understanding of what’s considered to be illegal — drinking if you’re under the age of 21 and driving under the influence come to mind. But what about vague notions, such as open container laws? What do they mean? When do they apply? […]

What To Do After Bicycle Accident

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Florida is not exactly known for having a great public transportation system. More often than not, people tend to bring their cars everywhere, even for short trips. However, there are those who use bicycles on a regular basis — whether for exercise or to run errands — and find it to be a practical and […]

Who Is Responsible If A Minor Is Served Alcohol In Florida

Who is Responsible If a Minor Is Served Alcohol in FL?

Florida is known for many things — white sand beaches, sunny days year-round, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy some downtime. With so many parties, happy hours, and beach get-togethers, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets a little bit too enthusiastic with their consumption of alcohol. What happens if one of them […]

Comparative Negligence Florida

Comparative Negligence Florida

Songs are written about them (Queen’s I’m In Love With My Car). TV shows center their plots and themes around them (TV’s current hits – Top Gear, Counting Cars; and timeless classics – Knight Rider, Herbie The Love Bug, from the ‘80s and My Mother the Car from the 60s). And then there are movies […]

what are the laws in florida regarding the preservation and storage of the deceased

What Are the Laws In Florida Regarding the Preservation and Storage of the Deceased?

When it comes to funeral home negligence cases, there are many things that can go wrong: Theft of personal items. Selling of organs or prosthetics. Inadequate embalming. Improper storage. While they’re all horrifying, the last two items on the list can result in decomposition and/or disfigurement of the deceased, leaving family members with even more […]

Spoliation of Evidence Florida

Spoliation of Evidence in Florida

What is Spoliation of Evidence? Spoliation of evidence is a real concern regarding personal injury claims. Sometimes key pieces of evidence go missing or are “accidentally” destroyed. This can be detrimental to a plaintiffs case. In the above video, Katy Neal with Carey Leisure & Neal talks about spoliation of evidence and how it can […]

who can sue for damages for funeral home negligence

Who Can Sue for Damages for Funeral Home Negligence?

It can be confusing to figure out who has the legal right to file a lawsuit against a funeral home for negligence. Some family members may have the authority, however certain provisions apply. Who Can Sue a Funeral Home for Negligence? Those who can sue for damages following funeral home negligence include the following: Surviving […]

How Do I Prove Funeral Home Negligence

How Do I Prove Funeral Home Negligence?

Dealing with a loved one’s passing is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. No matter how heartfelt friends, colleagues, and acquaintances intentions and sentiments are, there’s not much they can do to ease the pain. Besides your heart going through the wringer and wondering how you’re going to move forward without […]