Catastrophic Injury Attorney Clearwater, FLThe severity of an injury caused in an accident can range from minor to catastrophic. In general, a catastrophic injury is one that causes lasting or permanent damage, or that threatens the life of the victim.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

One example would be an individual who suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a car accident and falls into a coma or a persistent vegetative state. Because the TBI alters the individual’s ability to live their life as before, it is considered to be catastrophic.

Spinal cord injuries are another type of catastrophic injury. When a person suffers a serious back injury that causes damage to their spinal cord, they could lose feeling and mobility below the area of injury temporarily or permanently. Paralysis of any kind always alters a person’s life.

Other kinds of catastrophic injuries include severely broken bones and compound fractures, severe burns, and scarring injuries.

Obtaining Compensation

The first thing anyone should do after suffering such an injury is to get immediate medical attention, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. A skilled Clearwater personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Carey Leisure Carney can help the victim file a claim and fight for fair compensation of all financial, physical, and emotional damages. We offer a free initial consultation, so call now to make an appointment.

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