At Carey Leisure Carney we represent clients who are seriously injured in accidents. Many of our cases come from referring attorneys. We pay referral fees to our referring attorneys.

There are many different factors to consider when selecting co-counsel to assist with your client’s personal injury case. Both you and your client have to be comfortable with co-counsel. You have to ask the hard questions, for example: What type of experience do the attorneys have? Do the attorneys have the resources and the same commitment to the case that you have? Are the attorneys willing to front all of the costs and expenses in the case? Have the attorneys ever lectured and taught personal injury law? Do the attorneys have a history of getting seven-figure settlements and verdicts? Do the attorneys have the reputation that resonates with insurance companies and defense attorneys in Florida? Most importantly, are the attorneys Board Certified trial attorneys?

Carey Leisure Carney has a proven record of achieving outstanding results for our clients and our referring attorneys in personal injury cases through settlement, mediation, and trial. We take pride in what we do.

Many of our firm’s cases come by referral from other attorneys that we have established relationships with over the years. Many of the referrals are from attorneys who do not handle personal injury or contingent fee cases, or other personal injury attorneys who do not have the time or resources to properly pursue catastrophic or complex cases. At Carey Leisure Carney we don’t back down from insurance companies.

Carey Leisure Carney over the years established relationships with its referring attorneys. Our firm invites referring attorneys to remain involved as little or as much as they want. Most importantly, the attorney knows that his or her client has been directed to counsel with the training, experience, and resources to maximize the value of their case.

We work with many out-of-state lawyers with clients in Florida. Our firm partners with other attorneys that refer serious injury cases.

If you want our thoughts on your case, call Tom Carey, Jodi Leisure or Matthew Carney at 727-799-3900 or contact us online to discuss your case.