What Is an Examination Under Oath?

Examination Under Oath Florida

Most insurance policies include provisions allowing your insurance carrier to take your sworn testimony. This is called an examination under oath, also known as EUO.

What Happens During an Examination Under Oath?

The EUO typically lasts several hours. The insurance company will have their lawyer or adjusters conduct the EUO. The lawyer will ask you questions that you are expected to answer under oath. It is important that before you attend the EUO you consult with your own lawyer.

When a EUO is conducted the insurance company hires a court reporter and they will record your entire testimony. In some cases, they will video your entire testimony. The “line of questioning” is usually intrusive and without your own lawyer, can be grueling and frustrating. The insurance company can and will use your testimony against you if at all possible.

If you do not comply with your insurance company request for a EUO, they may find that you have failed to comply with your contract with them. The insurance company can “null and void” your insurance policy and not cover your claim. However, there is no reason to immediately provide your insurance company with a EUO, before you’ve even hired a lawyer.

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