Single-Vehicle Accidents in Florida

Single-Vehicle Accidents Florida

Single-vehicle accidents put a heavy burden on the trial lawyer to discover exactly what happened. There are many scenarios when there is a single-vehicle crash.

Common Causes of Single-Vehicle Accidents

Driver: Was it the driver (i.e. drunk driver)? This might not be the end of the story. If the driver was underage and was knowingly served by a bar, there could be legal liability under the Dram Shop Act.

Vehicle: What about the vehicle? It may be a defect in the vehicle itself that caused the accident. If so, and if the injuries are serious enough, there may be a design defect or manufacturing defect case. In addition, there may have been faulty repairs done on the vehicle which led to injury or death.

Road Conditions: Road conditions may play a part in single-vehicle injuries. Was there standing water on the road? Were there construction barrels or sawhorses out of position? Was there adequate signage? Was there a large pot-hole or subsidence in the side of the road?

In a single-vehicle injury or death case, preserve the vehicle, inspect the road, and interview witnesses. These steps are important to preserve your legal case.

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