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Hurricanes – Be Prepared

Pinellas County recently released its annual Hazard Guide, opening with the statement: “10-Year Calm…Don’t Be Fooled!” Those are truly words of wisdom. We all need to pay attention to the weather and take warnings seriously. It’s easy to fall into a false sense of comfort after a decade of mild hurricane seasons. But that could […]

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Avoid A Car Accident | Safe Driving #3

In our last two blogs we covered two ends of the spectrum – teenage and older drivers. Now it’s time to talk about everyone in between! And that means the family and working drivers…drivers that have a lot on their minds and might easily become distracted and involved in a car accident. Let’s review a […]

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Older Drivers Car Accidents | Safe Driving #2

Car accidents can happen at any time, to anyone, at any age. That’s why safe driving conversations are so important and should be a regular discussion in your household. It’s too easy to become overly confident and too complacent behind the wheel of a car, which can too often result in car accidents. In Part […]

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Teen Driver Tips

Every day there are more new drivers on the road, which means more cars on the road and ultimately the potential for more danger on the road. We love our cars and as we get busier, it seems like we try to do more and more while behind the wheel. This is especially true for […]


Many Types of Insurance – Insurance 101

In this final part of our insurance overview, we’ll discuss umbrella insurance and touch on MedPay. When determining what types of insurance coverage you should have, it’s important that you do your homework. You can contact an insurance agent that you trust and call us too before making any final decisions on what policies to […]


Property, Homeowner and Renter Coverage – Insurance 101

Preparation is key. If you take the time now to understand what is required by Florida Law and determine if the minimum limits are enough, you’ll be well prepared in the event you end up the victim, or the cause, of an accident or injury. On that note, we’ll continue our basic overview of the […]


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Insurance 101

Personal Injury Protection insurance, commonly referred to as PIP, can get confusing. To understand PIP, first we must discuss the fact that Florida is a “No-Fault” state and what that means to you. The Florida legislature came up with the “No-Fault” plan in the early 1970s for the main purpose of ensuring that every motorist […]

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No-Fault Insurance in Florida

What insurance do I need? What levels of insurance coverage should I have? These are questions that we have all had to answer at one point or another. Since there are countless types of insurance available that will cover everything from A to Z, wading through them all can seem daunting. When it comes to […]

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You’ve Had a Car Accident. What’s Next? Part 4

We hope the previous three blogs have given you some useful tips. We hope you never find yourself in this situation, but if you do have an accident, knowing what you should do will be invaluable down the road when you have to start dealing with insurance companies. Bottom line is that you should take […]